New Children’s Book by Shahab Shamshirsaz


Shahab just completed a very humorous children’s book called T.L.C. – Tender Loving Care. A very determined little girl wants to give her Mom some T.L.C. after she has had a very hard day. After cooking, bringing in animals, and various characters to amuse Mom a delightful disaster unfolds! These are three of the spreads from this absolutely hilarious story!

Children’s Book Illustration by Shahab Shamshirsaz


Another great example of Shahab Shamshirsaz’s children’s book illustrations – always fun, wild, and zany! View his portfolio for more fantastic children’s art!

Greeting Card Art by Shahab Shamshirsaz



Shahab is well known for his zany illustrations for children’s books. He also has created many illustrations for greeting cards – here are two examples. View his portfolio for more examples!

Shahab Shamshirsaz

Shahab is an award winning international illustrator who lives and works near Florence, Italy. He has a distinct whimsical, quirky, colorful style that is achieved through a combination of mixed media and Photoshop to produce digital files for clients. His area of expertise includes character design, comics, greeting cards, and wonderful picture books for children and young adults.